Calhoun's Outdoor World


If you have a few minutes have a seat and join us.

Let me say it is nice to meet you. 

We are David, Sr. and Marjie Calhoun.

We have an AKC/UKC Registered Chocolate Labrador

Her name is "Tante".   She was born on Valentine's Day.

We also have a AKC/UKC Registered Black Labrador.

Her name is Abby.  She was born in May 2017.

We have 4 boys, 3 daughter-in-laws,

5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

As you look through our website you will get to meet everyone.

Our hobbies include travelling, fishing, deer hunting,

duck hunting, squirrel hunting, turkey hunting, hog hunting... you probably figured out if it swims, flies, or walks we hunt it.

Marjie also enjoy photography, sewing and working with her cricut.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

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Your Love


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          Happy Hunting!!!